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Daily Schedule

School Day Schedule

8:35 – 8:45 am Playground Supervision
8:42 am 1st bell for students to line up
8:45 am 2nd bell for teachers to bring classes in
8:50 am 3rd bell for classes to start (4K-2nd grade)
11:00 am Lunch for 4K (4 day/week 4K classes only)
11:30 am First Grade Lunch followed by recess
11:35 am 4K AM Dismissal
12:00 pm Kindergarten Lunch followed by recess
12:30 pm Second Grade Lunch followed by recess
12:45 pm 4K PM Starts
3:30 pm 4K PM Dismissal
3:35 pm Dismissal for Second Grade
3:37 pm Dismissal for First Grade
3:40 pm Dismissal for Kindergarten (5K)
3:45 pm Busses pull out
Monthly Wednesday 1:00 Early Dismissal Days
12:55 pm Dismissal
1:00 pm Busses pull out

No 4K on early dismissal days.