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Tips for Language Building

Sound Practice Tips:

The following are gathered in part from the web site listed below.

Play listening games such as sound picture lotto or “I spy with my little eye” to improve a child’s ability to selectively hear sounds.

Play counting syllables games such as clapping out a child’s name. This helps children discover that some words are made of smaller chunks which in turn help children later to spell compound words.

Play rhyming games to help children understand that some words end with the same sound which in turn help them become aware that language has form. Dr. Suess books are an excellent source of rhyming stories as well as playing with a child’s name with rhyming words.

Play alliteration games to focus a child’s attention on the initial sound in a word. One game is banana bana bo bana changing the first sound to match all others. Another is Five freckled frogs… mixing alliteration with rhyme.

Play word and sentence building games to help young children understand that language is made of sentences of different lengths and that sentences are made of words of different length. Chose a book that has a pattern or rhythm encouraging a child to fill in i.e. “I know an old Lady who swallowed a Fly”.

Play sounds in isolation games to allow a child to hear and feel what individual sounds are like when spoken in isolation. Children can make new words by adding or taking a sound away.

When your child mispronounces a word i.e. wing/ring or thun/sun provide them a model over -emphasizing the sound but not making a child repeat it.

Practice words/sounds in front of the mirror – children enjoy looking at themselves. Begin by imitating silly faces then by playing with sounds.