232 North Church Street, Hartland, Wisconsin 53029

Programs Offered

Children are all unique, we understand that there should be different ways to meet the needs of children depending upon their difficulties. We have a number of different programs that we offer within the Hartland-Lakeside School District to help children with speech and language delays or disabilities. The following is a description of programs offered.

Speech/Language Therapy

Individualized intervention for children that exhibit delays in the areas of language, voice, fluency, and speech sounds. The amount of service ranges from 1 to 3 times per week for approximately 20- to 45-minutes. The child must meet eligibility criteria set from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction in order to receive services. When would your child receive speech and language therapy? When he/she has an impairment or as a related service.

Speech Articulation Program

Our Speech Therapy Assistant, Patty Hasley, offers daily drill and practice to students for mastery of speech sound development as determined by a licensed Speech/Language Pathologist.

Three and Four Year Old Screening

Offered in October and February at Hartland-North Elementary to determine whether all areas of development are age appropriate or further testing is needed to determine whether delays are apparent. Areas of development include fine motor, gross motor, language, and reasoning. By appointment only.