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What Sets Us Apart From Other Schools

Hartland North and Hartland Fine Arts Leadership Academy - Our Story

Hartland Lakeside

Hartland Lakeside is a community oriented school district with high quality programs and services. It is located in the Village of Hartland, Wisconsin, and serves the Village of Hartland and the Towns of Delafield, Merton, and Pewaukee.

District Mission

The Hartland Lakeside School District’s Mission is to provide a diverse and dynamic educational program that meets the unique learning styles of all students.


Mission Statement

Hartland North Primary School is a collaborative, creative and innovative learning community, committed to academic excellence while nurturing the development of the whole learner.

We accomplish this by providing diverse learning experiences so that all learners reach their full potential as independent, responsible, life-ling learners and contributing members of a global society.

About the School

Welcome to Hartland North Primary School, an early childhood – grade 2 building with a population of approximately 475 students.  Hartland North is located in the village of Hartland, Wisconsin. Our school community is a place where children are challenged every day to do their best in a safe and exciting learning environment.

Our staff is excited to continue working to provide an innovative, state-of-the-art primary school for our students.  Many of our teachers are working on collegial studies and completing masters programs this summer.  We are very proud of our school.  The students, families and staff working together create a fantastic environment where success for all is expected and celebrated.

Come and visit Hartland North.  We know you’ll come away impressed with what you see and experience.

Traditional Comprehensive Classroom

K5 – 2nd Grade:

The comprehensive classrooms focus on a core curriculum of literacy, math, and science, as well as environmental education. The comprehensive teachers are highly trained in math, literacy, and science, and collaborate to ensure best practice instruction.  An extensive outdoor education component that includes direct instruction into the sciences is an enriching part of the comprehensive classrooms and involves our students in real learning within their DNR recognized forestry.

Our comprehensive classrooms offer a structured framework and differentiate to meet the learning expectations of all students.

Digital Classroom

In a digital world, Hartland/Lakeside understands that many students learn well through the vast technological resources offered by our District.  All of our classrooms have access to computers and iPads and incorporate many aspects of learning through technological media.  Yet, our digital classrooms extend learning to a global venue where students interact with people from around the world.  In addition, they are able to explore places and cultures different from their own environment, and learn firsthand from experts and scientists through a virtual interactive experience.

Yet, one of the hallmarks of our digital classrooms is that they have become a model site of student and teacher learning and experiences that are shared with other staff members.  As an example, digital classrooms have incorporated the use of Apple TV, where students can push their work wirelessly onto a large TV screen and where teachers use mobile devices to share videos and other visual learning cues.

Another benefit to the digital classroom is enhanced communication with parents using various technological forms that were not available a few years back.  This allows parents to have insights and information into their child’s daily schoolwork and learning expectations.  The digital classrooms strive to develop an interactive and meaningful partnership where parents play a daily role with the teacher in their child’s education.

Charter and Magnet Schools

Hartland/Lakeside offers one charter school and three magnet schools across the K-8 grades. The charter consists of a K-2 fine arts school and the two magnet schools offer a 3-5-community learning multi-grade school, and a 6-8 entrepreneurial school. At Hartland/Lakeside, we understand that children learn differently and that the learning environment can play a role in how their engagement and motivation is expressed. Our charter and magnet schools provide alternative learning opportunities, where students can connect their interests to curricular objectives and extend their learning using approaches that work better for them.


Principal’s Corner

Hartland North Primary School is a collaborative, creative and innovative learning community that consists of early childhood, 4K, 5K, first and second grade students.  Our staff is committed to academic excellence for all of our children, while nurturing the development of the whole learner. We accomplish this by providing diverse learning experiences so that all learners reach their full potential as independent, responsible, life long learners and contributing members of a global society.

Our Comprehensive classrooms provide rigorous content in all subject areas, which include identification of individual student strengths and needs using a data driven, goal-setting model. Teachers in these classrooms have defined areas of academic strength and leadership. They often team to share expertise and create learning opportunities that enhance the learning experiences of their students.

The Virtual Parent Program integrates one-to-one iPad technology providing parents with a virtual window into their child’s day and takes the technology to another level. Parents are informed throughout the day regarding student learning, teacher created videos, and parent participation experiences. Personalized learning in an innovative environment where students work collaboratively and creatively learning new skills.

The Hartland Fine Arts Leadership Academy is a kindergarten through second grade school where students and teachers engage in joint exploration, build a community that embraces a passion for learning, and where students have the opportunity to explore and expand their strengths, talents, and leadership skills.  There is a strong literacy focus integrating theatre and the fine arts for enriched learning experiences.  A unique multi-age hybrid environment for extended learning opportunitiesCollaborative inquiry –based learning that challenges and extends critical thinking.  Integrated technology for all students, experiential learning and personalized learning attending to individualized learning styles.

Each school and learning environment integrates the common core standards, common district assessments and access to a wide range of technology.  During the 2013-2014 school year, Hartland North and Hartland Fine Arts Leadership Academy will focus on building a strong sense of community across the classrooms, grade levels and building wide.  The first few weeks of school our goal will be to build community, establish school wide expectations and routines and work to start building a strong foundation around character.  We are creating reggio inspired spaces, both inside and out, offering our students more opportunity to explore the world around them and instill a life long love of learning.

We have a strong literacy program using the readers’ and writers’ workshop model within our classrooms.  Our classrooms have strong reading practices with highly trained teachers, that include guided reading, independent reading, reading connected to content areas and writing, small group instruction, conferencing, and other elements of the reader’s and writer’s workshop.  Aside from the core literacy curriculum, we analyze our student achievement data and implement an intervention block for students in kindergarten through second grade.  Hartland North provides relevant and engaging curriculum in the area of math using Math Expressions, as well as, science, social studies, art, music, physical education, and library. We are fortunate to have a dedicated, compassionate group of educators that truly recognize the specific needs of every child in the classroom and our students are provided choices to fit their individual learning style.

Aside from a wonderful and caring staff, Hartland North and the Hartland Fine Arts Leadership Academy have a very supportive and involved parent community.  We welcome you to visit us for a tour of our school.  Hartland North is constantly evolving to better serve the students and families of our school community.


Your Partner in Education,

Heather Grindatti

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PTO – Parent/Teacher Organization

The Hartland Lakeside School District PTO is excited to have joined forces with the PTOs from Hartland South and North Shore Middle School. Working together with the Hartland Lakeside Education Foundation.

For more information of the Hartland Lakeside School District PTO, contact Lori Ciesko.

There are always many ways for parents to become involved.  Please click the link below to find opportunities at Hartland North.

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